13. Enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee at the Bean Cycle

Fort Collins Coffee Shop the Bean Cycle

The Bean Cycle is right around the corner from my office in Old Town. I get at least one cup of coffee a day here when I’m at work and after talking to Penelope (one of the Brandt family owners) I found quite a few new reasons why the Bean Cycle needs to be on your list of places to visit in Fort Collins.

One of the things I love about the Bean Cycle is the atmosphere.  If “geeking out” on your laptop is your thing, there’s plenty of space at the back where you can open your laptop and spread out your work. If delving into a good conversations is your thing, there are some nice couches up front to lounge around.

There’s plenty of artwork on the wall by local artists, and there’s even a non-profit bookstore called The Matter that shares the space.  (I’ll tell you more about it later because it makes such good fodder for a subsequent post if you come back another day…we do need to pace ourselves you know)

The Bean Cycle Storefront

Little known fact about the Bean Cycle

It is the only place to find fresh pressed, organic juice in Old Town.

Reasons to love the Bean Cycle

- They roast all of their Fair Trade Organic coffee in house. (Sometimes you can smell it from old town square in the afternoons)

- Everything they sell is bought locally.

- All local produce comes from the Food Co-op

- They have lots of local, organic, vegan baked goods.

- Strong supporters of the Bike Co-op, the Food Co-op, and other local businesses

- 95% of their employees bike to work

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