23. Have a New York Bagel at Gib’s

The original Gib’s New York Bagel Shop has that no nonsense, everyday feel that seems to be quickly disappearing these days. There’s trophies from the over 30 Division Soccer Championships on the wall behind the counter, pictures from all over the world of people wearing Gib’s shirts doing crazy stuff (many of them are fishing), ¬†and there’s a big picture of a little league team from over 10 years ago as you walk in the door.

As I was sitting in Gib’s today enjoying a pumpernickel bagel, with egg, swiss, and pastrami I couldn’t help but notice the consistent dinging of the door bell announcing every new customer’s entrance as they steadily strolled through the door.

Apparently the process is what put’s the “New York” in the bagel. It consists of 7 steps taken over 24 hours that produce that perfect combination of chewy dough surrounded by a crunchy outer shell. The store was started by Brian Long “Gib” when he moved here from the east coast seeking to satisfy his snowboarding fix and was shocked to find that there was not a bagel shop in town.

Gib’s has been on the “Best of Fort Collins” list quite a few times. If you live in Fort Collins and haven’t been here, you’ve got to walk through the door at least once to let your presence be announced by that familiar loud bell. Consider it your initiation.

The original Gib’s is located near the corner of Shields and Drake in the Raintree Plaza. See map.

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