27. Phat Tuesday at Big City Burrito

The line at Big City Burrito

When Brian Rose, a student from CSU, graduated and moved to Japan there was one thing he missed intensely.  Knowing his plight, his intrepid friends walked down to Big City Burrito, purchased him that simple object of his desire and took it on a plane with them 8,000 miles across the ocean. For a while there was a picture on the wall of Brian eating his Big City Burrito in the heart of Japan. Howard one of the two founders of Big City Burrito shared this and many other stories of loyal customers going to great lengths to satisfy their cravings for Big City Burrito.

You won’t find a trendy interior decorated by corrugated metal and you can get more than just Tobasco to put on your burrito. In fact, I’ve never seen a wider selection of hot sauces or a more creative selection of names for said hot sauces. “Liquid Stoopid Hot Sauce” and “Endorphin Rush” just to name a few of the tamer ones. The rest have names my grandmother wouldn’t approve of so you’ll have to go and discover them yourself. It’s kind of like hot sauce roulette. There’s really no way to figure out what each one is going to taste like without trying it.

Every Tuesday the line runs out the door, packed with hungry customers all waiting to get a regular potato burrito and 20 oz. drink for $4.00.

Jesse and Kieran, two FOCO locals enjoying the Phat Tuesday Special

Big City Burrito was started in 1994 when two friends, Howard and George from Laramie, decided to take a simple concept they had seen popular in California and introduce it to Fort Collins. The idea was a hit with hungry college students on a budget. I learned from Howard that the recipes they use were taken straight from the Mexican burrito shops that have been in California for years, nothing they use is frozen, and they even trim the fat off their meats.

I also told Howard about our blog and how his restaurant has been one of the most requested restaurants on our website. He agreed to do something fun with us so I’m super stoked to announce that this week, there will be two great deals for Big City lovers.

This Thursday April 29th, mention that you read this article about Big City Burrito on 365 Things to do in Fort Collins and you’ll receive a free fountain drink when you purchase a regular burrito.

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