28. Treat Yourself to a Cone at Walrus Ice Cream

There’s some great ice cream shops in town but we’ll kick off the frozen treat list with one of the best, Walrus. Giving someone directions to this place on a hot summer day is particularly easy, drive down mountain ave and look for the line of people out the door and winding down the sidewalk. There’s a reason people are willing to wait. 250 flavors of hand made, in-house ice cream along with frozen yogurt, sherbets and sorbets. Ever changing varieties will keep you guessing what’s new and the joke flavor will test your stomach’s courage. Current joke flavor is “under the sea” and they won’t tell you what’s in it until you try it! But don’t worry it’s just for fun and the spoonful is free. When you go to pay for your cone they put it on a scale and charge by weight so you pay for what you get. Other things to love about Walrus are life changing waffle cones, root beer floats, alcohol flavors like Guiness Carbomb and Jack Chip, Saturdaes, malts, shakes, banana splits and ice cream cakes. Ok, that should be enough to get you to go celebrate Walrus’ 23rd year in business at their Old Town location just west of College on Mountain Ave.

2 Comments to “28. Treat Yourself to a Cone at Walrus Ice Cream”

  1. Chris 29 April 2010 at 4:59 am #

    Excellent choice of a great thing to do in Fort Collins. I was in town for 3 days and definitely loved my time at the Walrus. So good.

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