5. Disc Golf at Edora Park

I need to make a disclaimer, I’ve only dabbled in disc golf. I don’t own a driver, putter, or any other specialty discs for that matter. However, I do love disc golf and Fort Collins has some great places to play. Probably the most popular is the 18-hole course at Edora Park.

The great thing about disc golf is that it can be incredibly enjoyable for both the novice (that’s me) and the expert alike. It gives you a great excuse to get out when the weather is nice, some decent exercise, and on top of that you don’t need to join a club, pay dues, or wear funny clothesalthough you can if you like.

This course has a good mix of wide open spaces mixed with trees and water hazards. (Be careful, apparently it is a $100 misdemeanor to enter the water to retrieve a disc…I won’t tell) Another nice feature is that each hole has 3 different distances to cater to differing experience levels. There are also nice concrete platforms to tee off from.

The skinny:

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