7. Enjoy a beer while watching a movie at the Lyric Cinema

Fort Collins Movie Theater

Where else can you have a great Colorado micro-brew while lounging on a couch in a movie theater?! The Lyric shows excellent independent and foreign films. If the repeat blockbuster story-lines have you worn out, this is the place to go to find originality.

The staff is laid back and friendly and there is a great cafe where you can grab a drink or a cappuccino before or after the show.

Oh and did I mention my favorite thing about the Lyric….you can watch free cartoons and eat unlimited cereal ($5) everyday (except Sunday) from 10am til noon!

The owner Ben Mozer, a Fort Collins native, started showing cartoons about a year ago to give moms somewhere to bring their kids in the mornings. In his own words, “You can only go to a park so many times.” The cafe provides a comfortable atmosphere to read a book, catch up on some work, or surf the internet while the little guys are engrossed by Animaniacs, Wiley Coyote, and Elmer Fudd.. The young at heart are also welcomed…don’t be worried there’s no height limit.
The Lyric is located at 300 E Mountain.

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