8. Fish Tacos at La Luz

La Luz Mexican Grill has been serving up delicious, fresh, and healthy Mexican food since 1997. Located in old town on Walnut St. and south of town on Boardwalk, they offer two convenient locations to choose from.

Fish Tacos at La Luz

In my opinion, flavor is what La Luz is all about. I’m always left wanting more when I’ve finished their fish tacos or chicken potato burrito. Not because I’m still hungry, but because I’m addicted to that juicy goodness they pack into every bite. They also have some of the best salsas in town and have won the Larimer County Salsa Festival (who knew such a thing even existed…can’t wait to write about that one) 4 different years.

Other things to love about La Luz – Online Ordering, Breakfast Daily, Beer with lunch(or breakfast if that’s your thing), Lots of vegetarian and vegan options

La Luz Mexian Grill Website

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