30. BBQ in the Poudre Canyon

So I know it’s a bit rainy and cool for a picnic today but I can’t help but think about one of my favorite passtimes which is a Poudre canyon bbq. Pick up some NY strips, a bag of charcoal and a cooler of beverages and head into the canyon. If you can think of something more soothing than watching the river flow with a belly full of outdoor grilled decliciousness please let me know. Soon enough the canyon will be filled with people so get out and enjoy the solitude while you can. I drove to Rustic today except for a few wetsuite clad kayakers, no one was out enjoying the late April snow showers!? ┬áIf you’re new to the Poudre Canyon and looking for a good spot to picnic just start driving, the canyon is nearly 60 miles long and there is literally a picnic/camping area at amost every turn.

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