31. Kites in the Park

There’s just something I love about the simplicity of flying a kite that still enthralls me.  Although I haven’t flown a kite in quite a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed stopping by Spring Canyon Park.  Kite’s in the Park is an annual festival put on by the City of Fort Collins. It is a perfect, family-oriented, FREE event with lots of contests and giveaways. Hundreds of people show up to take part in this spring event and you’ll find the young and old alike.

You’ll see little kids running in circles with their homemade kites. You’ll see old men perfecting their craft with those giant, two-handed kites just like the ones kite surfers use. You’ll see gigantic kites, colorful kites, and plenty of standard hobby shop kites.

Some of the festival highlights include:

  • Kids Kite Making Kits, over 600 were given away
  • Stunt kite flying demos
  • Rokkaku Kite fights (like the ones seen in the movie the Kite Runner)
  • Huge kites over 20 feet tall
  • Hourly raffles with some pretty cool prizes
  • Local vendors with food, drinks, and kites
  • Kid’s Kite flying contests for all ages

This year marked the third annual festival. Judging by today’s turnout, I’d be surprised if the Kite Festival doesn’t stick around for quite a few more years.

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