33. A & J Antique Mall

Visiting the A&J Antique Mall is like going to a museum where everything is for sale. It’s a 13,000 square foot maze of collectibles, vintage finds, and unique embellishments. If you’re the type of person who loves perusing garage sales, thrift stores, or eclectic shops you need to add A&Js to your list of things to do in Fort Collins.

the antique store, a fun thing to do in fort collins

When you visit, you’ll immediately notice that the store is laid out in a neatly ordered, albeit somewhat cluttered,  cubicle/module fashion. This is because over 95+ antique dealers sell their wares here and this seperation creates a uniquely blended variety of items for visitors.  Each little module offers a taste of something different. You’ll find sections with antique kitchen wares and appliances, vintage books, whole sections of porcelain, and a case of old photography equipment just to name a few. There’s also sections of old toys, clothing, tools, wall hangings, signs, etc.

To plan a visit head south on College Ave past Harmony Road. Once you see the gigantic American flag on your right, start paying attention and take a left on Skyway Dr. A & J Antique Mall is located on the northeast corner in a fairly nondescript, brown warehouse looking building with Big Red Lettering. You can’t miss it once you know what to look for. There’s a whole bunch of other flea markets and antique stores in the immediate vicinity. You could potentially spend at least a few hours exploring the shops in the area if you’re a true treasure hunter.

A&J has been on the Best of Fort Collins list at least 3 times.

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