43. Grab a Red Tea Latte at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

Relaxing, sensory, cultural, enriching, and welcoming are just a few of the words I can think of to describe Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures. The combination of Cambodian handicrafts, appeasing music, and a unique selection of teas from all over the world provide a wonderful respite to study or chat with a friend. After spending an hour with George Grossman, the owner of Happy Lucky’s, I’ve found so many great things to love about this store that I don’t know where to begin.

First of all, Happy Lucky’s donates 10% of their profits to Sustainable Schools International. Their passion for helping others across the globe is evident in so many ways when you visit the store. You’ll notice an educational video on a large flat screen in the store that shows pictures and videos from the programs they support. All of the silk goods in the store are bought from Kory, a Cambodian woman who at age 12 lost her leg after stepping on a land mine. Since she couldn’t farm, she learned to sew and now employs 20-30 women also in need of jobs from similar past tragedies.

Second, the staff at Happy Lucky’s is passionate about educating people about the benefits, distinctives, and many styles of tea available. I learned so much about the different ways of producing tea and enjoying it. For example, I had no idea that all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, very similar to the way many different types of wine are produced from the same grape.

More things to love about Happy Lucky’s:

Rooibos (pronounced roy-bus) Lattes – Happy Lucky’s is the only place in town you can get a Red Bush(TM) latte. I had never heard of such a thing and I was blown away by how tasty this drink was. The tea is put through an espresso machine just like a typical coffee espresso is made. Mine was delightful and I’d highly recommend the Cinnamon/Orange Red Espresso Latte.

Shaken Iced Teas – Drinking tea isn’t only for those hot, rainy days. (Thankfully, we don’t have many in the Fort) Have you ever poured a cold glass of iced tea only to have the ice melt and water down the whole drink. The tea at Happy Lucky’s is made just like a mixed drink would be. First it’s micro-brewed individually and then shaken in a mixer so it’s already cold when it reaches your glass. This allows you to enjoy your tea with a minimum amount of ice melting in your glass.

Traditional Serving Sets – One of my favorite things about this tea shop is the way they serve you your tea. Your tea will be served in the traditional pot/vessel from the culture that your tea originated in. For example, white tea originated in china. Therefore, your tea will be served in traditional Yixing pottery. If you order an English tea, it will be served in porcelain. Take a look around the store next time you visit, and you’ll be able to see what types of tea people are drinking depending on the types of vessels they are served in.

Tea Tasting – The brewery isn’t the only place in town to go for a good tasting session. Not sure what types of tea you like. Not a problem. The staff will brew you a tiny cup of many of the different types of tea in the store for you to try.

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is located at 236 Walnut Street, Old Town Fort Collins (in the old firehouse) map

Be sure to fold a crane when you visit. Once 1,000 are made they'll be sent to a significant world leader with a message of peace.

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