45. Grab a Massive Slice of Pie at Uncle’s Pizzeria

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Uncle’s Pizzeria is the open kitchen and giant oven sitting right in front of you that gives you the ability to see how a great pie is made right before your eyes. If you’ve never eaten one of their massive (1/4 pie) slices of an 18″ pizza, you need to put a visit to this joint on your list. Make sure to go in person, because they don’t deliver.  It’s one of the many decisions they’ve made to keep their focus on what they do best; serving up great pies.

Uncle’s Pizzeria is the brainchild of Garret Marlin and his father Dennis. Upon moving to Fort Collins one of the first things that disconcerted Garret was the fact that he couldn’t find a pizza joint that had that east coast flavor he had come to love as a kid growing up in New Jersey. It’s not that there aren’t other good pizza places in Fort Collins; there are. There’s just something about that slightly crispy, not too thin, not too thick, still a little bit doughy with that initial crunch to their pies that you won’t find at other places.

Garret came up with the name Uncle’s after going to college in Hawaii and working for a boss he always called Uncle. He never actually knew his real name, that’s just what everybody called him. In the Hawaiian culture, once you get to know someone you it’s common to call them Uncle or Auntie. It’s a sign of familiarity and friendship, one that Garret wanted to define his pizzeria. He also was proud when his oldest brother actually made him a real uncle as the store was beginning and the name stuck.

Some of the other things to love about Uncle’s is their good beer selection, cheesecake made from Garrett’s mother’s homemade recipe, and their garlic knots (the east coast version of bread sticks).

Uncle’s is located on the Southwest corner of College and Prospect in the same strip as Chuck E Cheese, Harbor Freight, and El Monte. MAP

Make sure to check out their garlic knots, the east coast version of bread sticks.

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