54. BMX at Soft Gold Park

There are two BMX tracks in town that are maintained by the city and are free of charge. One is at Soft Gold Park on Hickory St on the north edge of town. The other is a competetive track at Edora Park where races are held. The Soft Gold track is perfect for kids. I learned about this place from my sister, she takes my 4 year old nephew here. The little guy is already pretty handy with a bike and thinks riding up and down dirt mounds is about the coolest thing a person can do.     

Soft Gold Park has all kinds of fun stuff. A dog park, a basketball court, baseball fields, street hockey court, playground, bbq grills and shelters as well as a nature trail and a pond. Certainly a fine place to spend one of our beautiful fall afternoons.

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  1. CharlieMurphy 26 April 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Dirt jumps at Edora are now a parking lot

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