61. Take a Walking Terror Tour of Downtown!

If you’re looking to make some last minute plans for tonight, consider taking a Walking Tour of Terror through downtown Fort Collins! The 10th annual Terror Tour is put on by the Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center. The tours are held 2 days a year,  October 23 and 30, from 8-10pm (only 9:45 and 10pm are available tonight). Tours leave the museum every 15 minutes. You and a group of 20 or less will explore haunted locales around Fort Collins and hear the spooky and historically accurate stories that accompany each place!

This excerpt from the Museum’s website will give you an idea of what to expect:

Bloody accidents, murders, apparitions and strange noises…learn the creepier side of life in Fort Collins in this 60 minute walking tour of Old Town. Museum staff members share the true tragedies as well as the myths and legends of haunted Fort Collins. Painstakingly researched through interviews with Old Town residents and business owners as well as through the written accounts preserved at the Local History Archives, the museum has documented the many cases of gruesome, paranormal and bizarre incidents in Fort Collins history. Dress in costume and join us for a hauntingly good time! Recommended for ages 16 and up due to content.

Tickets are $4 in advance and $5 at the door but the tours are filling up fast so call 221-6738 to pre order tickets for tonight’s 9:45 or 10pm tours (October 30, 2010) . Happy Holloween!

Map to the Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center at 200 Matthews st. Fort Collins.

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