62. Salsa Dancing Above the Rio

Easily a 10 out of 10 on the Fort Fun Factor scale.  Every Tuesday night the Rythm Company teams up with the Rio Grande Mexican Restuarant and provides Salsa Dancing in the Agave room above the restaurant. Don’t go into the Rio to get there, the door for the Agave Room is just west of the restaurant enterance. Arrive at 7:30 and you’ll get a quick 30 minute mini lesson. Then it’s open dancing from 8-10. Lots of fun, friendly people show up; plenty of first timers as well as jaw-dropping salsa aficionados. Cost is $3.

Here’s what it looks like early in the night, just after the lesson:

Then a bit later, usually around 9:00 the action heats up:

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
143 W. Mountain Avenue
Downtown Fort Collins, CO 80524
The Rythm Company

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