63. Music at the Griffin Concert Hall

etown at the Griffin Concert Hall on Colorado State University Campus

Last night I went to see the live taping of etown at the Griffin Concert Hall at Colorado State University.  I really had no idea what an amazing performance I was in for.  I have never actually listened to the show, which airs weekly on NPR around the country. I really only new that Josh Ritter was playing, and that he sang a few songs I had heard and liked.  Boy was I in the dark.  The show was a 2 hour live performance with 2 bands: Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band as well as Hold Steady.  Intermixed between songs were interviews with the band members hosted by Nick and Helen Forster. It was an awesome experience and I was blown away by how good the performance sounded in the hall. I will definitely be going back next time etown comes to the Fort Collins.

After a little research today, it’s no surprise that it sounded so great.  The concert hall is home to all kinds of great musical performances and is one of the 5 best venues to listen to classical music in Colorado according to the Denver Post.

Here’s what I found out on the CSU School of the Arts website:

  • 550-seat concert hall includes some of the most advanced acoustical design features in the region, including articulated walls, ceiling clouds and raked seating designed to provide the highest quality sound.
  • Named in honor of Edna Rizley Griffin, a longtime advocate and benefactor of the performing arts including the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra and the Lincoln Center Concert Hall.
  • The Griffin Concert Hall hosts nationally and internationally acclaimed performers who found the space extraordinary.
  • Ranked as one of the 5 best venues in Colorado for classical music by the Denver Post.
  • Square Footage: 7,800.

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