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42. See a Show at the Aggie Theatre

We’ll kick off the live music venue category with the Aggie Theatre. Though most would consider its 650 person occupancy limit to be a pretty intimate, it’s our 2nd largest indoor live music venue. Only the Lincoln Center’s Performance Hall is bigger. As with most turn of the century Old Town buildings, the Aggie has an interesting history. Built in 1906, [...]

41. Visit Watson Lake and the Fish Hatchery

Just north of Bellvue you’ll find a beautiful state forest area known as Watson lake. This 70 acre lake is right next to the Poudre river and also has a state fish hatchery next to it. The views are awesome. The west face of a huge hogback provides an gorgeous red rock backdrop. There are [...]

36. Experience Science Toy Magic

So far we’ve covered the smallest bar in Colorado, now we’re moving on to the smallest toy store in Colorado. Although toy store isn’t a fitting name for this place. It’s a Science Toy Magic store and it’s exactly 12 x 6 ft, about the size of  a closet located on the north side of Old Town Square right across  from [...]

34. Have a Coney Island Hot Dog in Old Town Square

PJ, owner of PJ’s Curbside Grill, grew up in the Bronx around the finest hot dogs stands on the planet. When it was time for a major life change, he and his wife Auriel decided to bring those big city style dogs out here to the choice city! Thank goodness he did. Next time you’re in Old Town [...]

32. Hike the Grey Rock Trail

If you haven’t done it yet it’s time! Grab your hiking shoes and the dog and head to the Grey Rock trail. This six mile loop can be completed in about 5 hours (this includes plenty of time at the top soaking in the views) but is also a fun overnight trip if you feel like taking your time. [...]

30. BBQ in the Poudre Canyon

So I know it’s a bit rainy and cool for a picnic today but I can’t help but think about one of my favorite passtimes which is a Poudre canyon bbq. Pick up some NY strips, a bag of charcoal and a cooler of beverages and head into the canyon. If you can think of [...]

28. Treat Yourself to a Cone at Walrus Ice Cream

There’s some great ice cream shops in town but we’ll kick off the frozen treat list with one of the best, Walrus. Giving someone directions to this place on a hot summer day is particularly easy, drive down mountain ave and look for the line of people out the door and winding down the sidewalk. [...]

26. Buy a Paper at Al’s News

Al’s News is another enduring and beloved Fort Collins business. This small old town storefront opened its doors in 1946, at that time they had only one product for sale: The Rocky Mountain News. Sadly the Rocky is no longer but Al’s s still going strong. Today they sell over 3,500 periodicals along with an [...]

24. Drink a Town Pump Pail Ale at the Town Pump

Fort Collins’ oldest bar is also its smallest and perhaps most beloved drinking establishment. The Town Pump opened in 1909 and was likely where the term “hole in the wall bar” was coined. Although hole in the ceiling may be more appropriate. When you go, make sure you look up at the ceiling, then ask [...]

22. Gateway Natural Area

With all this rain the hills are really starting to show their colors.  If you feel like getting out of town but don’t have all day go check out Gateway Natural Area.  It’s located at the confluence of the North Fork Poudre and mainstem of the Poudre, on the north side of the road just about 5 [...]