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35. Lace-up your quads at Rollerland

Grab your girlfriend, round up the kids, or get a large group of friends together and wander over to Rollerland Skating Center for some good old roller-skating fun.  If you’re feeling especially “fly” don  a little 80′s flair. Until tonight I hadn’t worn a pair of “quads” (rollerskates) for at least 10 years, maybe longer.  [...]

19. Visit the University Art Museum

One of the great benefits of living in a college town is the abundance of art and entertainment that are available to the general public. The University Art Museum is one of those places. It’s a perfect place to satisfy that artistic craving that pops up every once and a while. I know, for some [...]

17. See a $3 movie at Cinema Saver 6

Sometimes the newest, greatest, biggest, best isn’t what’ you need. Sometimes you’re just looking for good. Sometimes you’re sick of another Red Box rental, and you’ve already seen all the latest blockbusters. Sometimes you don’t want your date to cost more than $6. At these times Cinema Saver 6,  Fort Collins “dollar theater” (three in [...]

14. Visit the Swetsville Zoo

If you’ve had a bad day, I have the cure: Take a stroll through the Swetsville Zoo. It’s pretty difficult to walk out of this place without a smile on your face. 25 years ago Bill Swets started sculpting during sleepless nights due to his stressful job as a volunteer firefighter.  Over the years the collection grew and has [...]

13. Enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee at the Bean Cycle

The Bean Cycle is right around the corner from my office in Old Town. I get at least one cup of coffee a day here when I’m at work and after talking to Penelope (one of the Brandt family owners) I found quite a few new reasons why the Bean Cycle needs to be on [...]

10. Ride a free bike from the FC Bike Library

Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s going to be 70 and sunny.  It feels like old man winter is finally leaving town so let’s all celebrate by taking a ride on a bike from the FC bike library!  With an ID, a credit card and a your signature on a form, a comfy commuter bike and a lock is yours for [...]

7. Enjoy a beer while watching a movie at the Lyric Cinema

Where else can you have a great Colorado micro-brew while lounging on a couch in a movie theater?! The Lyric shows excellent independent and foreign films. If the repeat blockbuster story-lines have you worn out, this is the place to go to find originality. The staff is laid back and friendly and there is a [...]

6. Send a postcard from New Belgium

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the tasting room at New Belgium Brewing, (500 Linden St) there’s a few things you gotta do. First, grab a beer menu and do your best to pick 3 beers you’d most like to taste. If you’re new to New Belgium’s beers, flag down a staff member and ask what you should [...]