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25. Soapstone Prairie

The Soapstone Prairie is one of those places I would never have thought to visit if it hadn’t been suggested to me. I first heard about Soapstone from a very nice man at the Old Town Visitor’s Bureau when I asked him what his favorite thing to do in Fort Collins was. Of all the [...]

19. Visit the University Art Museum

One of the great benefits of living in a college town is the abundance of art and entertainment that are available to the general public. The University Art Museum is one of those places. It’s a perfect place to satisfy that artistic craving that pops up every once and a while. I know, for some [...]

18. Explore Riverbend Ponds

Can you believe there are over 40 seperate natural areas in Fort Collins covering 33,000 acres?  One of my favorites is Riverbend Ponds.  This gorgeous, 226 acre natural area has 7 ponds and also follows a nice stretch of the Poudre river.  Over 3 miles of  gravel trails wind through cottonwoods and cattails and are nice and flat if you’re [...]

15. Stroll, jog, skate, or bike the Spring Creek Trail

Spring is here and its time to get out and enjoy the moderate temperatures, sunny days, and cool breezes that make this my favorite time of year. The Spring Creek trail provides the perfect opportunity for an afternoon walk, early morning workout, or even just an enjoyable way to get around the city.So grab your [...]

14. Visit the Swetsville Zoo

If you’ve had a bad day, I have the cure: Take a stroll through the Swetsville Zoo. It’s pretty difficult to walk out of this place without a smile on your face. 25 years ago Bill Swets started sculpting during sleepless nights due to his stressful job as a volunteer firefighter.  Over the years the collection grew and has [...]

11. Spring Canyon Dog Park

Big dogs, little dogs, hot dogs, lazy dogs, loud dogs, happy dogs, and sad dogs, with 70 degree spring temperatures people had their dogs out today. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, man’s best friend is the inspiration for this post. Fort Collins has some excellent parks designed specifically for dogs. One of the nicest is [...]

10. Ride a free bike from the FC Bike Library

Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s going to be 70 and sunny.  It feels like old man winter is finally leaving town so let’s all celebrate by taking a ride on a bike from the FC bike library!  With an ID, a credit card and a your signature on a form, a comfy commuter bike and a lock is yours for [...]

6. Send a postcard from New Belgium

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the tasting room at New Belgium Brewing, (500 Linden St) there’s a few things you gotta do. First, grab a beer menu and do your best to pick 3 beers you’d most like to taste. If you’re new to New Belgium’s beers, flag down a staff member and ask what you should [...]

5. Disc Golf at Edora Park

I need to make a disclaimer, I’ve only dabbled in disc golf. I don’t own a driver, putter, or any other specialty discs for that matter. However, I do love disc golf and Fort Collins has some great places to play. Probably the most popular is the 18-hole course at Edora Park. The great thing [...]

3. Have a Picnic at Horsetooth Reservoir

Spring is nearing, the tree buds are starting to show, bikes are starting to hit the streets in greater numbers, and I haven’t put my winter jacket on for at least 2 weeks now. All this to say that as the weather continues to get nicer and nicer, we are nearing the perfect time of [...]