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27. Phat Tuesday at Big City Burrito

When Brian Rose, a student from CSU, graduated and moved to Japan there was one thing he missed intensely.  Knowing his plight, his intrepid friends walked down to Big City Burrito, purchased him that simple object of his desire and took it on a plane with them 8,000 miles across the ocean. For a while [...]

26. Buy a Paper at Al’s News

Al’s News is another enduring and beloved Fort Collins business. This small old town storefront opened its doors in 1946, at that time they had only one product for sale: The Rocky Mountain News. Sadly the Rocky is no longer but Al’s s still going strong. Today they sell over 3,500 periodicals along with an [...]

23. Have a New York Bagel at Gib’s

The original Gib’s New York Bagel Shop has that no nonsense, everyday feel that seems to be quickly disappearing these days. There’s trophies from the over 30 Division Soccer Championships on the wall behind the counter, pictures from all over the world of people wearing Gib’s shirts doing crazy stuff (many of them are fishing), [...]

17. See a $3 movie at Cinema Saver 6

Sometimes the newest, greatest, biggest, best isn’t what’ you need. Sometimes you’re just looking for good. Sometimes you’re sick of another Red Box rental, and you’ve already seen all the latest blockbusters. Sometimes you don’t want your date to cost more than $6. At these times Cinema Saver 6,  Fort Collins “dollar theater” (three in [...]

13. Enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee at the Bean Cycle

The Bean Cycle is right around the corner from my office in Old Town. I get at least one cup of coffee a day here when I’m at work and after talking to Penelope (one of the Brandt family owners) I found quite a few new reasons why the Bean Cycle needs to be on [...]

8. Fish Tacos at La Luz

La Luz Mexican Grill has been serving up delicious, fresh, and healthy Mexican food since 1997. Located in old town on Walnut St. and south of town on Boardwalk, they offer two convenient locations to choose from. In my opinion, flavor is what La Luz is all about. I’m always left wanting more when I’ve [...]

7. Enjoy a beer while watching a movie at the Lyric Cinema

Where else can you have a great Colorado micro-brew while lounging on a couch in a movie theater?! The Lyric shows excellent independent and foreign films. If the repeat blockbuster story-lines have you worn out, this is the place to go to find originality. The staff is laid back and friendly and there is a [...]

6. Send a postcard from New Belgium

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the tasting room at New Belgium Brewing, (500 Linden St) there’s a few things you gotta do. First, grab a beer menu and do your best to pick 3 beers you’d most like to taste. If you’re new to New Belgium’s beers, flag down a staff member and ask what you should [...]

4. Breakfast at Lucile’s

Located at the southeast corner of Meldrum and Magnolia you’ll find a Fort Collins breakfast institution called Lucile’s Creole Cafe.  For an eggs benedict connoisseur like myself Lucile’s is mecca.  There’s a myriad of eggs benny style dishes but my favorite is Eggs Pontchartrain: Fresh pan fried mountain trout, poached eggs, sauce bearnaise; served with [...]

1. Have a Colorado Reuben at Choice City Butcher

Go have a Colorado Reuben made with buffalo meat at Choice City Butcher and Deli. This is the place to go for laid back atmosphere and mouthwatering sandwiches stacked high with quality deli meats. The mashed potatoes are a delicious side option and the soups are excellent. Come to think of it, everything I’ve eaten [...]