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46. Ride the Fort Collins Municipal Railway

Commonly referred to as “the trolley,” the Birney Safety Car 21 running up and down Mountain avenue has become a Fort Collins icon. The Fort Collins Municipal Railway provided daily public transportation from 1907 until 1951. The main route was up and down Mountain, north and south lines went as far south as Pitkin and as far north as Vine. [...]

44. Cathy Fromme Prairie

I tried to make the most today’s gloomy weather by watching the storm roll out of the mountains and across Cathy Fromme Prairie. Named for the late Cathy Potter Fromme who served on the Fort Collins city council, this 240 acre natural area  is about a mile south of Harmony and spans the distance between Taft Hill and Shields. Seemingly endless rolling grasslands and awesome mountain [...]

41. Visit Watson Lake and the Fish Hatchery

Just north of Bellvue you’ll find a beautiful state forest area known as Watson lake. This 70 acre lake is right next to the Poudre river and also has a state fish hatchery next to it. The views are awesome. The west face of a huge hogback provides an gorgeous red rock backdrop. There are [...]

40. CSU Undie Run

Within minutes of 11pm, hundreds of students began congregating outside the Lory Student Center like a flash flood overwhelming a dry desert. All arriving fully clad, unrecognizable from any other student you’d see on the street. This student mob  rapidly grew bigger, the chants of “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram” got louder, and [...]

37. Support WFTDay with Ten Thousand Villages

World Fair Trade Day (WFTDay) happens annually on the second Saturday in May. It is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization and is being supported by thousands of citizens, Fair Trade Organizations, social and environmental movements, producers and consumers all around the planet. Ten Thousand Villages in Old Town Square is the perfect [...]

36. Experience Science Toy Magic

So far we’ve covered the smallest bar in Colorado, now we’re moving on to the smallest toy store in Colorado. Although toy store isn’t a fitting name for this place. It’s a Science Toy Magic store and it’s exactly 12 x 6 ft, about the size of  a closet located on the north side of Old Town Square right across  from [...]

35. Lace-up your quads at Rollerland

Grab your girlfriend, round up the kids, or get a large group of friends together and wander over to Rollerland Skating Center for some good old roller-skating fun.  If you’re feeling especially “fly” don  a little 80′s flair. Until tonight I hadn’t worn a pair of “quads” (rollerskates) for at least 10 years, maybe longer.  [...]

34. Have a Coney Island Hot Dog in Old Town Square

PJ, owner of PJ’s Curbside Grill, grew up in the Bronx around the finest hot dogs stands on the planet. When it was time for a major life change, he and his wife Auriel decided to bring those big city style dogs out here to the choice city! Thank goodness he did. Next time you’re in Old Town [...]

33. A & J Antique Mall

Visiting the A&J Antique Mall is like going to a museum where everything is for sale. It’s a 13,000 square foot maze of collectibles, vintage finds, and unique embellishments. If you’re the type of person who loves perusing garage sales, thrift stores, or eclectic shops you need to add A&Js to your list of things [...]

32. Hike the Grey Rock Trail

If you haven’t done it yet it’s time! Grab your hiking shoes and the dog and head to the Grey Rock trail. This six mile loop can be completed in about 5 hours (this includes plenty of time at the top soaking in the views) but is also a fun overnight trip if you feel like taking your time. [...]