Complete List

1. Have a Colorado Reuben at Choice City

2. Fly Fishing on the Poudre River

3. Have a Picnic at Horsetooth Reservoir

4. Breakfast at Lucile’s

5. Disc Golf at Edora Park

6. Send a postcard from New Belgium

7. Enjoy a beer while watching a movie at the Lyric Cinema

8. Fish Tacos at La Luz

9. Fort Collins Music eXperiment

10. Ride a free bike from the FC Bike Library

11. Spring Canyon Dog Park

12. Tuesday night pool at Coopersmith’s

13. Enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee at the Bean Cycle

14. Visit the Swetsville Zoo

15. Stroll, jog, skate, or bike the Spring Creek Trail

16. El Monte Guacamole

17. See a $3 movie at Cinema Saver 6

18. Explore Riverbend Ponds

19. Visit the University Art Museum

20. Breakfast at Snooze

21. Wine Fest

22. Gateway Natural Area

23. Have a New York Bagel at Gib’s

24. Drink a Town Pump Pail Ale at the Town Pump

25. Soapstone Prairie

26. Buy a paper at Al’s News

27. Phat Tuesday at Big City Burrito

28. Treat yourself to a cone at Walrus Ice Cream

29. The Heritage Courtyard

30. BBQ in the Poudre Canyon

31. Kites in the Park

32. Hike the Grey Rock Trail

33. A&J Antique Mall

34. Have a Coney Island Hot Dog in Old Town Square

35. Lace up your quads at Rollerland

36. Experience Science Toy Magic

37. Support WFTDay with Ten Thousand Villages

38. Visit South by Southwest and Zephyrs Cellars

39. Bouldering at Rotary Park

40. CSU Undie Run

41. Visit Watson Lake Fish Hatchery

42. See a Show at the Aggie Theatre

43. Grab a Red Tea Latte at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

44. Cathy Fromme Prairie

45. Grab a Massive Slice of Pie at Uncle’s Pizzeria

46. Ride the Fort Collins Municipal Railway

47. Swim, Bike, and Run in a Triathlon

48. Ride Your Bike to Bar Double S

49. Visit the CSU Flower Garden

50. Visit the Raptors at the Environmental Learning Center

51. The Annual Sustainable Living Fair

52. Drive to Cameron Pass for Moose and Aspen Viewing

53. $1 Pints and Savory Bar-B-Que at Mo Jeaux’s

54. BMX at Soft Gold Park

55. Breakfast at the Rainbow Restaurant

56. Tour the Historic Avery House

57. Golf at City Park 9

58. Northern Colorado Corn Maze

59. Equinox Brewing

60. Savor a Margherita Pizza at Pulcinella’s Pizzeria

61. Take a Walking Terror Tour of Downtown

62. Salsa Dancing Above the Rio

63. Music at the Griffin Concert Hall

64. Thai Pepper

This list is updated every few days as new posts are written.